API and Intermediate manufacturing

Innova Healthcare possess the contract manufacturing based in India of the following therapeutical groups of pharmaceutical products: nonsterile antibiotics, sterile antibiotics, antiretroviral, antiviral, oncological products, antitubercular agents and NSIADs. The strong partnership with GMP manufacturing sites helps manufacture drugs on a contract basis under our control and under our brand name. Innova Healthcare has total control of the manufacturing process starting from KSM (key starting material) purchase and followed by process technology development and the quality control of the product. Such approach to business dealing helps us analyze the profitability of the product in order to deliver it to our clients at cost-effective prices.

Sourcing of APIs and intermediates

Innova Healthcare has a team in India and China which carefully and efficiently perform sourcing activities on the market. A wide partner network allows us to extract almost any substance at competitive prices, conduct an audit and arrange delivery. We check the quality of the product according to any client’s specification in accordance with any pharmacopoeia required, which make us flexible to our clients’ needs. Having a full control over the process we bear all the responsibility for the product at all stages making each order customized and individualized.

Molecule technology development

Our company possess a partnership with R&D centers as well as the team of internal specialists on process technology design which opens us an opportunity to develop our own technology for the production of molecules for APIs or intermediates.


Our international team is our main pride and force to unlimited growth in the international field. Our in-house custom clearance agent and the presence in several countries allow us to import and export the goods from and to any part in the world within the shortest possible period of time on terms requested by the client.